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Integrated Psychological Solutions provides a comprehensive range of wellness based programs and interventions to support personal and organizational well being.

Employee Assistance (EAP) and Employee Wellness Programs (EWP)

Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) are customized to address the emotional needs of individuals. Where a specific challenge may be present, the EAP will empower individuals with the tools needed to overcome obstacles and rediscover their resources , enabling them to effectively manage their mental, physical and emotional health.

The EAP results in a balanced approach to life and will help the individual to cope with the demands of the modern work environment, as well as assist him or her to manage change more effectively.

Based on professional screenings and assessments, IPS will design a highly effective, fully customized Employee Wellness Program (EWP) aimed at providing a holistic approach to the physical wellbeing of employees.

The EWP results in a distinct increase in the morale, productivity and efficiency of the team, while helping to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover. In addition, we are able to assist our clients to determine and promote an attractive employer brand.

Our interventions raise employee awareness around healthy living and empower them to make healthy, balanced lifestyle choices.

EAP and EWP Services include:

1. Therapy and Counseling

Designed to bring about healing, positive assimilation and the rediscovery of inner resources, therapy leads to a sense of well being and an enhanced quality of life through one-on-one assessments and the integration of appropriate interventions.

Aimed at assisting healthy, well balanced individuals to resolve everyday life challenges, counseling facilitates personal and professional growth, outlook adjustment and an enhanced sense of resourcefulness through guidance and self-discovery.

2. Coaching

Success and Life Coaching
Our holistic approach to coaching is geared to enable individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

Through facilitating the development of goals and professional strategies, we assist clients to achieve direction, professional development, personal fulfillment and overall excellence.

Aimed at bringing balance and a positive outlook on life, professional coaching empowers individuals with the emotional intelligence and practical tools they need to efficiently manage all aspects of life including their career.

Personal Health and Wellness Coaching
Suited to individuals with more specialized or advanced needs and concerns, our Health and Wellness Coaching interventions aim to stimulate healthy living, eating and exercise choices that result in a balanced body and mind.

3. Training and Development

IPS can either source or design customized workshops and programs to address the specific skills development needs of your company. From honing soft-skills and emotional competence, to assisting teams to manage a range of psycho-social issues, our workshops and group work typically focuses on self-awareness, self development and self-mastery to facilitate personal excellence.

4. Consulting

Serving clients in an advisory capacity, Jo-Lynne and her team of Psychologists are able to provide a comprehensive range of professional consulting services geared toward maximizing employee wellness and productivity. Specialized technical assistance is geared at providing insight and solutions into the effective management of any behavioral or psychological challenges that you may be experiencing with an employee or team.

This enables your organization to maximize the efficiency of your human capital.

5. Specialist Referrals

Following a comprehensive understanding and respect for our scope of practice, our services are based on the principle of integrity. This has enabled IPS to nurture professional partnerships which enable us to refer industry leading professionals for your personal and professional wellness needs.